A poem dedicated to Katie at the age of 18 months! Written by the well known poet John Barton Watson

Featured in his first poetry book 'Pools of Gold’


Katie, bonny Katie
With laughing eyes so bright
You bring the warmth of sunshine
When life is not so light.
You’re a diamond in the afternoon
But a jade sometimes at night.
Katie, bonny Katie.

When people visit they have tried,
But none can match your rising tide
Of zestful life you never hide.
You keep us fully occupied
By day and night and more besides.
The flow is never ending.

Katie, bonny Katie
You’re mischief all the while
When neighbours or relations call
Of them you soon beguile.
When daddy says “You little scamp”
You just look up and smile,
Katie, bonny Katie.

In years to come
When life’s long day is nearing its close,
When you have gone,
And married life’s the path that you have chose,
The memories that fill our hearts
Will be forever close.
Katie, bonny Katie.

The amazing thing about the musicians is that they constantly swap instruments, each one playing just as well as another