What Is Middle Eastern Dance/Egyptian Dance/Bellydance?

Egyptian dance is a way to empower yourself as a woman no matter what age, size or level of ability you are.

The dance of the Middle East is perfectly suited to a woman's body shape. Accentuating and isolating different parts of the body to interpret the rhythms of the music.

This style of dance goes back to the time before the Pharaohs and has long been used ritually and socially, and also as a preparation for childbirth and pre-natally.

Over the years and with the migration of the gypsies, the dance has spread and we see many similarly related styles.eg Flamenco, Bollywood, Persian, Turkish, Katak, Samba, African, Martial arts and the most recent American Tribal Fusion which encompasses many aspects of different styles.

Egyptian Dance has many names but they all come under the same umbrella. Each teacher you go to, or performer you see, will be unique even if they are dancing the same steps because it is theirs and your own individuality and expression which comes alive when you dance. 

This develops and changes as you go through different changes and life experiences. So…there are no right or wrong ways to do it, all you need to do is practise, breathe and smile!

Egyptian dance can help improve muscular control, balance, co-ordination, posture, flexibility, confidence, pre and post pregnancy, childbirth, weight loss and is excellent for toning the body.               

Plus you get to dress up and meet lots of new friends!

The amazing thing about the musicians is that they constantly swap instruments, each one playing just as well as another